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Ocean Bay on top of Blue Hill

by Dennis Jolicoeur, posted July 7 2013

Ocean Bay’s June meeting was quite a bit different than many of our regular meetings thanks to the efforts of Janet Thibeault. Janet for many years has tried to get permission from the Blue Hills Observatory to allow the Ocean Bay members to drive their Studebakers to the top of Blue Hill and tour the observatory. Well this year she succeeded and on June 9th we all had the opportunity to make the drive to the top. What a thrill it was to drive up the windy road to the top and see the view. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and the sky was crystal clear.


The tour started with a 20 minute video of the operation of the observatory, then we split into two groups to make things easier. We first went to the main operation center of the observatory where our tour guide gave us a rundown of how all the instruments worked and the effects the observatory has on weather here in the Boston area and on the east coast. From the main center we climbed up a narrow steep staircase to the top of the tower, what a view, you could see Boston in one direction, the Atlantic in another and you could even see Mt. Wachusett and up into New Hampshire. From the top of the tower we descended down the steep stairs through the main center out into the surrounding grounds and toured some of the instruments that laid outside the observatory. After the tour, many members stayed at the top and enjoyed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the view. It was a great tour and I highly advise anyone that was not there to take the tour on your own someday. The Observatory offers shuttle buses from the base to the top. Again thanks Janet for a great tour!

Blue Hills Gallery

Source: Studegram

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